Welcome to the personal website of Nicole Lesbirel!

Thank you very much for visiting! While you're here, enjoy some quick facts about me!
  • I have a beautiful cat
  • My cat is more beautiful than yours
  • I do talk about things other than my cat
  • But not often
There are things other than my cat though, and you can find me talking about those things on this website. To the left are some interests of mine that I talk about more on the pages those links go to. There's also a "blog" (web log) that I'll be maintaining with articles on things I find interesting but may not fit into the any of the on the left. Before you click around, this website was made with neocities. They're some great folk who will give anyone a free subdomain on neocities.org and a full GigaByte of hosting for all your static content. Yall should try it out!